Monday, June 26, 2006


I first learned to make potstickers from my host mother in Japan. In Japan they are called Gyoza. My host family considered these Chinese food (a distinction she was quick to make) but when I found myself in China a few years later, I found that the Japanese version of the dim sum is very unique to Japan.

Potstickers (aka: Gyoza)

1 package ground pork (Very important. Don't try any other kind of meat)
1 head of cabbage
1 shredded carrot
2 bunches sliced green onions
1/4 cup soy sauce
3-4 TBS sugar
garlic if desired

You can add more veggies if you want or take it out. The soy sauce and sugar are for flavoring so it's as much as you want. Just make sure you don't have too much or it will be runny.

The wrappers can be found in any Asian grocery store and at many of your local stores. I prefer the fresh to the frozen, but either work.

1. Shred the cabbage very finely or put it in the food processor. (Remove core)
2. Shred the carrot
3. Chop garlic if desired. (place it in the soy sauce)
4. Mix everything together, adding the soy sauce a little at a time.
5. Place in skins and crimp edges to make a half moon shape.
6. Heat a (flat) skillet on medium heat. Add a little oil.
7. Stack potstickers on each other and fry the bottom.
8. After they have cooked a few minutes (before they burn!!) add a little water to the pan and cover with a lid. the will leave the bottom crispy and the top steamed.

You can also fry both sides, steam them or even boil them.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Fusion Food

Why Fusion Food?

I was 12 when I took my first trip outside the US to visit my great-grandmother and cousins in Europe. It was then that I discovered a culinary world I never expected. Gouda Cheese, Pickled Herring and Gingersnap cookies shaped as windmills were some of the foods I first experienced.

Since that first trip I've stepped foot in nearly 30 countries on five continents. Each time I return from an adventure, I long for the food I encountered there. I love both cooking and traveling, and I especially love to incorporate food from my travels into my cooking.