Thursday, June 07, 2007

ISO Turkish Lentil Soup

My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Turkey. Among the fresh breads and endless kebabs I discovered a hidden treasure - Lentil Soup! I know, I know... Lentils? Yes. Lentils.

Once I discovered the delectable treat, I had it nearly every day, keeping me warm in the cool spring days. Since returning, I've searched endlessly for a recipe for this soup. Unfortunately, all I can find is a recipe for Red Lentil and Mint soup (another Turkish soup, but not the one I'm looking for). The one I'm looking for is closer to a broth, spiked with paprika and cooled down with fresh lemon juice. I'm at a loss!

Does anyone know where a girl can find a good Lentil Soup recipe?!

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John said...

The soup was also a highlight of my stay in Turkey. I really do think that the soup is the Red Lentil soup. I've seen varying recipes online, some thicker than others. I made one with green lentils and it was pretty close with the exception of the color.

Recipe 1
Recipe 2